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KPS Success Story

“We see Simply Commerce as a strategic partner to help us grow. They have constantly found high-quality resources for us and we rely on them to take the pain of recruitment away from us." Branwell Moffat - Founder and Director of KPS (formally Envoy Digital)

Pearson Success Story

“It's a tough market but they manage to find us some great key team members. I'm really looking forward to a continued partnership with Simply Commerce."Dan Anghel - Technical Director of Global eCommerce at Pearson


Always a very professional experience matching the need exactly to the skills.

I really couldn't ask for much more. I hope the relationship continues.

My experience has been seamless as they really get what's required from candidates.

“Their involvement through the cycle with a single point of contact really helps shorten the time-to-hire. I would fully recommend them to any businesses recruiting technical teams within the eCommerce or digital space. I believe their domain knowledge will add tangible value ."Client - Hybris Partner

"Unlike other agencies, Simply Commerce gave me a thorough understanding of the role and answered all my key questions prior to me meeting the client. In addition, they even arranged calls with the client's suppliers' project managers so that I could have a better understanding of the programme and its status before meeting with the client. This is the first time any agency has taken the effort to connect me with the client's suppliers before the interview. " Candidate - Hybris Programme Manager

"Working with Simply Commerce now for over five years as hiring manager and candidate. Always very professional experience matching the need exactly to the skills. Very proactive, understanding the brief and able to deal with short timelines or activating their network. One of the only recruitment partners in the UK I trust." Candidate - Project Manager

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