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Established in 2013 Simply Commerce is now the UK’s largest digital commerce technology recruitment agency, and we’re still growing. To continue our growth we need more hard working, committed and brilliant people to join our team and help our company expand further.

We are currently looking for Junior Recruitment Consultants to join both our UK and German teams enabling us to become the go to agency for digital commerce talent across Europe.

Experience in sales or recruitment is not necessary, if you have the right attitude, we will train you on the skills to fully master the role. Our 12-week programme will provide development and training on the skills required to become a talented consultant, the commercial aspects of our client and candidate base and how these impact the digital commerce recruitment process.

The Role Involves:

What you Need to Succeed at Simply Commerce Recruitment:

Intrigued? We’d love to hear from you. Please click below to apply now or email your CV to info