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Which jobs were hot to trot in 2019?

13th February 2020

The digital commerce market continues to grow and develop at a tremendous rate and 2019 was no exception.  It’s astonishing to think we now help candidates secure roles that didn’t even exist as jobs as recently as 15 years ago! So, what were the top five hottest roles on the block in digital commerce during 2019?

Meet the newest member of Team SC- Marketa Smith

10th February 2020

Introducing Marketa Smith, our new internal recruiter here at Simply Commerce.

Simply Commerce Announces APSCo Membership

6th February 2020

Simply Commerce Recruitment is pleased to announce that we have joined the recruitment trade body APSCo. APSCo is the only UK recruitment trade body with an international footprint with in-country operations in Germany, Singapore and Australia.


The changing standards of ‘standard benefits’

16th January 2020

Benefits packages have, historically, been the extra element to a job offer with which companies look to make a difference to talent acquisition and retention. As the scope of benefits packages within the industry increases, the impact they have on which offers jobseekers choose to accept – and the companies they choose to remain with – becomes greater than ever

Holland: 12 million pigs, 17 million very tall people and the home of gin

6th November 2019

Over the last three years we’ve seen business from the EU make up more and more of our total revenue. In our positions as one of the fastest growing agencies in the UK we wanted to capitalise on that growth with the development of a European division.  


The changing world where reality is augmented

24th July 2019

Like it or not, tech is changing the way that we, as human beings, interact with the world around us. Augmented reality (AR) is a prime example.  It’s a technology that takes our physical environment and superimposes digital content onto it.  


The Move to Headless Commerce

4th June 2019

Nearly half of online retailers list their e-commerce platform as a top three investment priority in the coming year, so there’s no shortage of demand.  And ultimately, what’s important is the customer experience – because that’s where the profit lies.


If you want your e-commerce business to be successful, there has to be such a thing as free returns

16th April 2019

There’s no doubt that an easy and free returns service is high on the wish lists of today’s online shoppers.  It’s the number two reason influencing online sales, after free delivery. Perhaps understandably, return rates for items bought online are twice that of goods purchased in-store.  

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Business Unit Manager
Location: London Salary: £80k + 15k bonus Type: Permanent
PHP Developer
Location: Netherlands Salary: Up to €50,00 DoE Type: Permanent
SAP S/4 Hana Senior Consultant
Location: Saudi Arabia Salary: Up to $175,000 DOE Type: Permanent