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eCommerce and re-Commerce: The innovative ideas of JOOLZ

10th May 2022

Sustainability is top of many business priorities in 2022. Find out how JOOLZ is succeeding in gaining a competitive advantage by using sustainability as its principle philosophy.


Ecommerce jobs in the metaverse

26th April 2022

What is the metaverse? Will it be a world mainly for gamers, or will it blossom into an opportunity for the masses where ecommerce will thrive? Major brands have recently invested in Decentraland, suggesting that whatever it turns out to be, it's here to stay...

Meet the newest member of the team - Nikoleta Chonti

8th April 2022

Making it in tech: The Shopify story, Shimona Mehta MD EMEA Shopify

21st March 2022

What will be the next biggest shift in digital commerce to look out for? Plus what you need to know to succeed as a woman in tech. Get industry insights and read Shimona's career story from her chat with Tim on The FOD - The Future Of Digital Commerce podcast.

What is 'Recommerce'?

14th March 2022

Have you heard of recommerce? 

Recommerce involves brands reselling previously owned products at a discount — and it's booming. Global recommerce market size is expected to grow by 15-20% annually over the next 5 years.

Simply Commerce celebrates International Women’s Day - for most of the week!

8th March 2022

At SC 66% of our senior leadership team are women. This is not by design, but SC deliberately strives to build a company where every person is valued and celebrated for their unique contributions and create an environment where people are encouraged to flourish - and the women right now are doing just that!

Which eCommerce roles are in-demand

10th February 2022

Understanding which roles are in demand today and which will be scarce in the future is key to determining your long-term talent acquisition strategy.

How eCommerce can embrace digital transformation through headless content management platforms

4th February 2022

John Williams from Amplience tells Tim that the future of eCommerce is reliant on digital transformation, and if companies don’t shift their digital experience to meet the needs of their customers, they’re likely to move elsewhere.

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Program Manager
Location: Remote / Germany Salary: €60,000 - €100,000 Type: Permanent 
Senior PHP Developer
Location: London / Remote Salary: £50,000-65,000 Type: Permanent
Project Manager
Location: London Salary: £50,000-£55,000 Type: Permanent