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What will the new normal look like?

13th May 2020

What will the new normal look like? Over the last few weeks, all sectors of society have had to radically rethink the way they work.  The retail sector is almost unrecognisable from how it was just a few short months ago.  With the doors of all but essential physical stores firmly shut, consumer behaviour has been forced to change overnight, on an extraordinary scale.  


The eCommerce journey through covid 19, what is waiting on the other side?

1st May 2020

Simply Commerce takes a look at the current demands and shifts across the eCommerce industry and proposes questions around sustainability, credibility and maintaining a high-quality standard for consumers in the short-term and long-term.

Let’s celebrate women in the workplace on International Women’s Day

8th March 2020

So what can we do in our own organisations to promote gender equality? Is there an invisible glass ceiling the prevents women progressing?

James Hodges becomes Director of Sales- EU

2nd March 2020

Simply Commerce is pleased to announce that James Hodges is taking on a new internal role as Director of Sales- EU.

Which jobs were hot to trot in 2019?

13th February 2020

The digital commerce market continues to grow and develop at a tremendous rate and 2019 was no exception.  It’s astonishing to think we now help candidates secure roles that didn’t even exist as jobs as recently as 15 years ago! So, what were the top five hottest roles on the block in digital commerce during 2019?

Meet the newest member of Team SC- Marketa Smith

10th February 2020

Introducing Marketa Smith, our new internal recruiter here at Simply Commerce.

Simply Commerce Announces APSCo Membership

6th February 2020

Simply Commerce Recruitment is pleased to announce that we have joined the recruitment trade body APSCo. APSCo is the only UK recruitment trade body with an international footprint with in-country operations in Germany, Singapore and Australia.


The changing standards of ‘standard benefits’

16th January 2020

Benefits packages have, historically, been the extra element to a job offer with which companies look to make a difference to talent acquisition and retention. As the scope of benefits packages within the industry increases, the impact they have on which offers jobseekers choose to accept – and the companies they choose to remain with – becomes greater than ever

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Full-Stack Drupal Developer
Location: Remote Salary: £250 Per Day Type: Contract- 3 months
Senior AEM Developer
Location: Dusseldorf Salary: TBC Type: Permanent
Frontend Developer
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany Salary: €52,000-€66,000 Type: Permanent