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Meet The Newest Member of Team SC- Lloyd Jacques

6th March 2019

Introducing Lloyd Jacques the newest member of Team SC!

1)What’s your name and where are you from?

Lloyd Jacques and I am from Bracknell

2)When you aren’t at work, what do you get up to?

This year me and my friends started up a Sunday league football team, I have also recently joined the gym and I socialise with friends pretty much every weekend. 

3)Why Simply Commerce?

I’ve been friends with Ollie since school who has been here over a year now and he has always said good things about Simply Commerce from his colleagues to the incentives it sounded like a welcoming environment.

4)What are you most looking forward to about your new role?

I’m looking forward to a new challenge in a completely different role, meeting new people through work and relationships within the team. My previous role was very laid back and boring so the switch up should be fun.

5)What animal would you be and why?

I’d be a dog because they chill at home and just eat and sleep all day.

6)Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

I only started drinking at the age of 19 which is why my alcohol tolerance is awful, probably the biggest 21 year old lightweight.

Lloyd Jacques will be working in the mobile development space if you are looking for a role in this area then give him a call on 0118 402 8965!

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